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Welcome To Fuse HVAC & Electrical Service Sacramento

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Our company consists of employees with more than 15 years of experience in electrical engineering. Do you want to increase the comfort and coziness of your home? We are here to help. After a visit from our staff, you can enjoy relaxation and security in your superior home.

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Hurry, this fun offer is valid from November 15, 2023 to December 20, 2023

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People should do what they like. Only this factor will make them real professionals. We enjoy what we do. That’s why we chose to do what we do. As a result our clients enjoy our services.

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Electrical repair in Sacramento

Free estimate. Electrical repair and installation. Electrical panels, hot tub connection, electric vehicle charging, lighting fixtures. Quality assurance, safety first.


Not only do we change the wiring of the whole house. We also do the small fixes as well.


We provide an original approach. Our engineers help install, replace electronics so that they fit into the existing or planned interior.


We professionally carry out electrical work of any complexity.

Emergency service

In case of emergency: call 911

For sparking or downed lines and outages (only after calling 911 first)
Emergency number: (916)702-7797

Are You Ready To Build New Project With Us?

Contact us and we will be happy to present you and carry out any necessary electrical work. Make your home and business safer and more efficient with us!


Featured Works

Our company operates in all areas of medium energy. Including works on design renovation of the client’s premises.

Designer ceiling lighting

Designer ceiling lighting

This work was carried out in Folsom

New constructions

New constructions

Construction of Folsom Bank

Organization of uninterrupted power supply

Organization of uninterrupted power supply

Installation and connection of the house to environmentally friendly sources of electricity.

Instalation Sun panel

Instalation Sun panel

Install Solar Panel and IPS with UPS support

Instalation Hot Tub

Instalation Hot Tub

Hot tub connection in San Francisco

Instalation Tesla charger

Instalation Tesla charger

Voltage 240 volt, 50 amp, charging speed 52 mph.

Our founders team

The Fuse HVAC & Electrical Service Sacramento team is part of a franchise under the renowned “FUSE” brand, which is a market leader in the USA for providing HVAC, electrical, and plumbing services. Our company comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive expertise in the electrical and energy sectors.

Ivan Aleks
    Ivan Aleks


    More than 13 years of experience in the energy sector. He worked as an engineer of senior management in many corporations of the countries of the former USSR. A professional in his field.


      Founder of the FUSE brand

      Adam H., founder of the Fuse brand, has played a key role in its development into one of the leading service providers in the US. Today, the Fuse franchise network has more than 45 points of sale throughout the United States, and every month this number continues to grow.

      Iurii Artemev
        Iurii Artemev


        Chief engineer and owner of an electronic computing equipment repair service, worked as an electrician in the defense industry.


        We have compiled a list of the most popular frequently asked questions for you.
        If you did not find answers to your questions, please contact us. Our consultants will gladly answer all your questions.

        How much does it cost to call an electrician to repair damaged wiring?

        If our company performs other work in your home, then the search and elimination of faulty wiring is free of charge. A typical troubleshooting call to an electrician costs $250, which includes finding and repairing minor wiring damage. If a more serious problem is found, an invoice will be sent to you the same day.

        The light went out in half of the house. What to do?

        Start by inspecting the electrical panel in your home. Make sure all breakers are turned on, it is possible that the circuit breaker has been knocked out due to exceeding its load current. Too many electrical consumers plugged into one outlet. Try turning on the breaker. If the breaker immediately turns off, call an electrician immediately. The reason for the instantaneous operation of the breaker may be a short circuit.

        Lights flicker in one of the rooms. Why?

        A “blinking” light may indicate a wiring problem or a malfunction in the dimmer switch. To fix this problem, you need to call an electrician.

        Is it necessary to do grounding in an old house at all?

        There are several reasons why this should be done. Without grounding, any electrical appliance with a metal casing (especially those associated with water) becomes potentially life-threatening (especially for children and pensioners). An example, an old washing machine, the heating element breaks down and starts to “punch” through the body.

        About Us

        FUSE Electrical Sacramento company consists of team members with electrical experience over 10 years. And in construction and design of power facilities over 500 kV in the countries of the former USSR.

        Electric vehicle charging, hot tubs, electrical panels, lighting fixtures and more.

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