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Porsche Wall Charger

FUSE offers charger installation services for electric vehicles of all makes and models, in particular Porsche. Dozens of grateful owners of Porsche electric vehicles have already used the services of our company.

According to the operating rules for these cars, it is impossible to allow the battery charge to drop below 15%, and when charging to exceed 90%. This way the battery will last as long as possible.

For those who already own a Porsche, don’t forget that the battery can be recharged not only with public networks, but also with home chargers, the Porsche Wall Charger. The main difference between them lies in the size, specifications, battery recharge time and the cost of the device itself.
The vehicle charging station must be installed by a licensed electrician who adheres to the strict quality requirements, permits and inspections required by Porsche.

FUSE installs a 240V wall-mounted electric vehicle charging station that complies with the SAE standard.

Porsche Charge Time And Cost Calculation

Charge Cost:

Сharging time:


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