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Ceiling Fans Service

Pilot fans have long been used by people in the fight against heat. It would seem that with the advent of air conditioners, their archaic predecessors should have gone into oblivion, but this is not entirely true. In summer, the fan blades should rotate counterclockwise to create a wind-chill effect, and in winter, in the opposite direction, to lift warm air up and distribute it around the room. Ceiling-type fans are increasingly being installed in trendy interiors.

Pros of using ceiling fans:

With all the necessary wires, the device can be installed in just 30 minutes.

  1. The cost, which, in comparison with the prices for more complex climatic devices, will be much lower.
  2. The possibility of combining two functions: lighting and cooling. Such devices are called “chandelier-fan”.
  3. Careful consumption of electricity, which is incomparable with the consumption of modern air conditioners.
  4. No cold air flow to avoid colds often associated with extreme cold.
    It is impossible not to note the stylish appearance of the devices, as well as a variety of color and design solutions. In the assortment of modern ceiling fans, you can find models that will successfully fit into both a classic interior and a high-tech hi-tech room.
  5. There are fans in which air conditioning is installed!
  6. And most importantly, prevent pests from entering the house

Pest prevention:

So many people are tormented by insects and flying pests every year. Insects such as mosquitoes are attracted to heat. The fan blade constantly creates the necessary flow of cool air to prevent insects from nesting or occupying your home. There are ceiling fans with special infrared baits that attract insects and deal with them. In addition, if the fan is located near the bed, insects simply cannot reach you.

Cons of using ceiling fans:

One of the advantages of ceiling-type fans can be considered the main disadvantage – an insufficient level of cooling. The fan will not lower the air temperature in the room, but will only improve its circulation, giving a slight coolness. It is this advantage and disadvantage that makes a ceiling fan an excellent solution for a child’s room and bedroom, where excessive cooling is undesirable.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans:

In bathrooms, an exhaust fan is an important feature to improve air quality and prevent moisture damage. The most important factor when choosing a bathroom exhaust fan is the size of your bathroom. A fan that is not powerful enough for the size of your bathroom can cause moisture to remain in the air. If your toilet is in a separate room within your bathroom, that room will likely need its own fan. It is very important to understand that this type of fans is low-pressure and cannot “push through” a large length of the duct. Therefore, if you are installing a fan, the duct must not be longer than feet!

Ventilation performance and noise level:

There are two methods for calculating exhaust ventilation – by the frequency of air exchange and by the norm. The air exchange rate is the number of times the air in the room is changed in one hour. The rate of ventilation is different and is applied in specific cases in different ways. Our experts will help you choose the right fan for your room.
Any fan during its operation creates aerodynamic and mechanical noise. Recently, fans have appeared that can be safely called almost silent. This was achieved by a successful combination of the shape of the casing and the impeller, the selection of the correct rotation speed, and the use of a quiet electric motor. Our company has worked with various types of exhaust fans and we have been able to identify the most efficient and quiet fans from a large number of empirically.

Office exhaust fans:

Air exchange in working rooms allows creating the most favorable working conditions for people, providing the most successful microclimate in individual rooms and throughout the building. The most critical area, demanding on the composition and quality of air, is the office.

Premises in which people stay throughout the working day need to organize high-quality and sanitary air exchange. The efficiency of a person, his composure, the ability to focus on the task at hand directly depend on this. Taking into account the specifics of the organization of office premises and the composition of modern finishing materials, it can be argued that the physical condition of office workers depends on the level of the ventilation system.

The question is not simple, since each person has his own ideas about air quality and related categories that determine the microclimate – temperature and humidity. It is impossible to create the most preferable conditions for each individually, so the standards were derived, on the basis of which the requirements for ventilation systems in offices were drawn up.

Our experts are familiar with these regulations and will help you choose the right solution. However, it should be noted that such exhaust fans are quite expensive, only because of their appearance and ability to be used in an office interior. Although their performance is not inferior to a conventional exhaust fan designed for the home. Therefore, we have selected specific models that are distinguished by high performance and quiet enough for office work, which, with minor modifications, fit into the interior of the premises.

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