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Smoke Detectors and Alarm

Various sensors help to control the situation in the room, to protect it from dangerous factors, such as fire, smoke or gas leakage. This is true not only at night, but also when you are away from home. Not always a person, even being at the facility, can have time to react, the sensor will notice the danger first and notify you about it. Store bought ones are usually cheaper and battery powered, but wired ones are more reliable! Over time, all detectors become obsolete, covered with natural dust inside, which reduces their sensitivity to smoke and requires replacement.

Many people wonder why sensors are needed?

This inexpensive and simple item could save your life. Many people ignore the installation of such a device, as a result, if smoke occurs, the fire has time to spread quickly, property can be seriously damaged, and sometimes the lives of those living in the house.
The fact is that it is not as easy to notice the appearance of fire as it might seem. For example, you may not be at home. By the time your neighbors call the fire department, it may be too late. The second no less dangerous case is the occurrence of smoke at night. It is formed for various reasons, for example, it can be caused by a short circuit in the wiring, improper heating, human factor, and any other reasons. In a dream, a person cannot smell smoke or gas, he falls asleep under the influence of carbon monoxide and risks dying either in a fire or from poisoning.
There are different sensors, some emit a sound signal, modern ones can transmit it to any mobile device via the Internet. Many household appliances emit small amounts of carbon monoxide, such as gas stoves for cooking, space heaters, water heaters, ovens, and especially fireplaces. The sensor will not work on them if they work correctly and there are no serious leaks.
The question of why gas sensors are needed also belongs to the field of security. It is worth noting that with a small gas leak, which can constantly accumulate, for example, in the kitchen, the sensor will work, and the person may not notice, since the symptoms of poisoning are similar to those of the flu. Nausea, dizziness, headache, fatigue may be felt. Inhalation of smoke and gas is extremely dangerous and can be fatal.
In addition, gas is dangerous because it can explode on contact with a spark or open fire, even from a cigarette. Such a tragedy can take many lives, destroy the structure to the ground. A gas sensor will help to avoid trouble. This is an inexpensive device that will help you catch a leak, even if it is hidden and you cannot see it.

Carbon monoxide detectors:

• Biomimetic. Inside the device contains a special gel, its color will change if it comes into contact with carbon monoxide. When the color changes, a special detector will work, and the sensor will beep.
• Use of a metal oxide semiconductor containing silica. It is sensitive to carbon monoxide and reacts with it, reducing the current through the detector and triggering an alarm.
• Electrochemical sensor. Inside it contains a special chemical solution in which the sensors are located. Under the influence of carbon monoxide, its composition changes, and the elements work.

Where are the sensors installed?

From where exactly the sensor will be installed and how correctly the installation will be carried out, its effectiveness depends, therefore, the choice of location should be taken very carefully. If the house has several floors, then sensors must be installed on each. Do not ignore the attic or basement, if your home has them: there may be wiring, and the attic is most often littered with various objects that can easily catch fire. In addition, there are dry wooden floors, which in the summer heat can overheat and catch fire.

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