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Pool and Hot Tub Wiring Service

Currently, more and more devices are in demand in the form of hot tubs, ideal for healing the body. The therapeutic effect is achieved through the release of a special system of air bubbles, gently and gently massaging the body, thereby acting on energy points. Thanks to all kinds of offers on the market, people who want to increase their tone and at the same time improve their well-being can choose their favorite bath with hydromassage functions.

Our company has extensive experience in connecting a jacuzzi at a turnkey quality level. Before considering a new hot tub or pool, you should already consider how much voltage these appliances will draw. Before purchasing these devices, we advise you to consult a professional electrician to determine the suitability of your home electrical network. The fact is that most houses built over the past 30 years use at least a 100-ampere network. The calculation of network loads was made in those years, without calculating these loads, which in turn can lead to an overload of your network! An electrician from our company can make peak measurements of electricity consumption in your home and calculate the allowable “free” load, and in its absence, recommend updating your panel to the desired level.

Connecting this equipment is not as simple as it might seem at first. The fact is that the wires laid underground at a considerable depth can intersect with the water supply, gas supply and power supply lines of neighboring houses. Our company performs trench work with the utmost care, without the use of automatic machines! After the production of deep filming of the cable laying path, our company starts work.

Sub Panel:

In all cases of connection to electricity sources with increased danger (Hot Tub, Pools, Fountains), the installation of an auxiliary panel is provided! Consult with the inspector not to overload the system. A licensed inspector can confirm that installing a subpanel is safe for you and will not put too much stress on your electrical system.
The inspector can also specify how much current your subpanel should be. Typical panels in the US are 100 or 200 amps, but older homes or homes elsewhere may only support a 60 amp panel.
An inspection by an inspector and the issuance of a permit for your sub-panel will ensure that you have no insurance or liability issues.
Our company does not recommend installing and connecting the subpanel by yourself, as ignorance of the principles of grounding schemes, electrical load currents and types of neutral grounding can lead to electric shock to a person.

Our Work Process

For you, we have simplified the process of doing the work. Make your home comply with all California electrical codes. Our team ensures that your home will meet all standards.


Consultation Project

Contact us and tell us in detail about the power supply of your home or about your desire to modernize the electrical wiring. We will call you back to discuss your project.


Project Planing

One of our technicians will come to your site and inspect the property in detail to determine the best approach to upgrade your electrical wiring. Once the inspection has been completed, we will provide you with a cost and time estimate for everything related to the process.


Execution Project

After we sign a contract for your project, we will begin installation work. Upon completion of the work, our specialists will remove coarse debris, and, if desired, recommend a cleaning company to achieve maximum cleanliness of your new renovated home.

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FUSE Electrical Sacramento company consists of team members with electrical experience over 10 years. And in construction and design of power facilities over 500 kV in the countries of the former USSR.

Electric vehicle charging, hot tubs, electrical panels, lighting fixtures and more.

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