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The main electrical panel is the heart of the electrical wiring in the home. Most often, the panel combines the installation of breakers and a counter in one housing. The convenience, stability and safety of power supply to the house depends on the correct installation and selection of the type of panel. The panel must correspond to the consumed load and the number of outgoing consumption lines, including the possibility of expansion (adding new lines at the request of the client).

The use of old, and even more so emergency panels is strictly prohibited. It is required to have the panels regularly inspected by a specialist to ensure maximum safety. In case of unstable operation of lighting, as well as electrical appliances, the appearance of foreign smells of burnt wiring and sounds coming from the panel, you should immediately call an electrician. FUSE highly qualified technicians find the cause of the problem in minutes and immediately take all necessary measures to ensure the continued safety of using the main electrical panel in the event of a minor failure that does not violate the requirements of the California electrical code.

If the problem can only be corrected by replacing the panel, or in cases of unsafe operation of this panel, our electrician will issue you an order to replace the panel if the situation requires it.

It is recommended to replace the main panel, even if the panel looks good but is outdated. This is due to the fact that the panels of previous years are recognized as emergency and fire hazardous due to outdated design, as well as inappropriate safety codes and grounding.

Homes with old wiring usually carry higher insurance rates, as do state and bank inspectors’ recommendations to upgrade wiring and panels.

When should the panel be replaced?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that a constantly tripping circuit breaker can always be fixed with a simple repair. This is not always the case, although our technicians will always do their best to fix electrical problems whenever possible and in accordance with the safe operation of your panel. If your circuit breaker panel has been installed in your home and has tripped continuously for decades, it needs to be replaced. A new electrical panel, installed by a professional, can greatly improve the safety and performance of your electrical system.

You may need to replace your circuit panel if:


Are you planning a major renovation?


You are about to add large appliances to your home


Light dims or flickers when other appliances are turned on


Circuit breakers keep tripping


You have a Federal Pacific Electric breaker panel.


You are planning to put the house up for sale. Replacing the panel and upgrading the electrical wiring to copper will greatly increase the value of your home.


Problems With Federal Pacific Electric “Stab-Lok” Panels
A CPSC Investigation


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) began an investigation in the early 1980s and hired electrical experts to test FPE Stab-Lok switches installed in homes from 1960 to 1985 that did not fully meet the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. The CPSC concluded the investigation in 1983, stating in a press release that “Based on the limited budget of the Commission, the known hazards that the Commission has identified and must address…and the uncertainty of the outcome of such a costly investigation, the Commission has decided not to allocate additional resources to the FPE Circuit Breaker investigation”. The CPSC said the data did not show “that circuit breakers pose a significant threat to consumers.”

Even though the CPSC investigation has been closed, one of the testing team members, Jesse Aronstein, continues to talk about the dangers of FPE Stab-Lok panels. An electrical engineer with a PhD in materials science, Aronstein wrote a peer-reviewed article to illustrate the fire damage that these types of Federal Pacific Electrical panels cause. Based on information gleaned from fire reports, Aronstein and co-author Richard Lowery calculated that FPE Stab-Lok panel failures result in 2,800 fires, 13 deaths, and $40 million in property damage each year.

Is it safe to own an FPE Stab-Lok panel?

The problem with the FPE Stab-Lok is that it can function normally until it suddenly stops working. Only one short circuit or overcurrent is required. The CPSC recommends that this type of panel be inspected by a qualified electrician “to look for any signs of overheating or malfunction among the circuit breakers.” However, having tested over 4,000 switches, Aronstein says that you can only identify a failed Stab-Lok switch by first removing it and then checking it. This process can be more expensive than installing a new, less risky panel from Federal Pacific Electrical or any other brand.

How can you tell if you have a Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok panel?

If your home was built during this time period of 1950 to 1990, it may contain one of these panels. Typically, the front cover of the panel is labeled “Federal Pacific” or “FPE”. Inside the box, look for a label that says “Stab-Lok”. Normally circuit breakers will have a red stripe across each switch.


Statistics for Sacramento and surrounding areas

In the pursuit of excellence, our commitment to providing the finest service to our clients reigns supreme, for nothing shall dim the radiance of our achievements in fulfilling these aspirations.

© John Alex

Completed Projects
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Statistics for Sacramento and surrounding areas

In the pursuit of excellence, our commitment to providing the finest service to our clients reigns supreme, for nothing shall dim the radiance of our achievements in fulfilling these aspirations.

© John Alex

Completed Projects
Happy Client
Professional Team

Our Work Process

For you, we have simplified the process of doing the work. Make your home comply with all California electrical codes. Our team ensures that your home will meet all standards.



Consultation Project

Contact us and tell us in detail about the power supply of your home or about your desire to modernize the electrical wiring. We will call you back to discuss your project.



Project Planing

One of our technicians will come to your site and inspect the property in detail to determine the best approach to upgrade your electrical wiring. Once the inspection has been completed, we will provide you with a cost and time estimate for everything related to the process.


Execution Project

During routine work, our diligent worker was busy replacing the electrical panel of one of our valued clients. However, upon completion, an unexpected turn of events followed, marking the beginning of an intriguing phenomenon. If you dig deeper into the Yelp reviews, you’ll find a clue, a hidden gem, that reveals the name of our electrician. Embark on this journey and may luck favor your quest.

Execution Project

After we sign a contract for your project, we will begin installation work. Upon completion of the work, our specialists will remove coarse debris, and, if desired, recommend a cleaning company to achieve maximum cleanliness of your new renovated home.

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