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Our Services

Wiring Replacement

If you want to replace the old aluminum wiring with a new one.

Wiring optional

Upgrading home wiring. The designed wiring helps to meet all the requirements of the client regarding the power supply of the house.

Tesla Charger

Wall Connector is the most convenient charging solution for homes, apartments, hotels and workplaces.

Porsche Wall Charger

Charge your Porsche electric car easily and comfortably at home.

Panel Upgrade

Flickering lights and sputtering appliances are signs you may need to upgrade your electrical panel. Here’s how much to set aside in your budget.

Ceiling Fans

It would seem, with the advent of air conditioners, the ceiling fans had to go into oblivion, but this is not entirely true!

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Our company has extensive experience in connecting a jacuzzi at a turnkey quality level.

Outdoor / Indoor Lighting

Good lighting tones, improves mood and performance.

Smoke Detectors

Various sensors help to control the situation in the room, protect it from dangerous factors such as fire, smoke or gas leakage.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Whether you’re facing a total power outage or an electrical fire, our team can be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Us

FUSE Electrical Sacramento company consists of team members with electrical experience over 10 years. And in construction and design of power facilities over 500 kV in the countries of the former USSR.

Electric vehicle charging, hot tubs, electrical panels, lighting fixtures and more.

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